Our registered reflexologist is a full member of the Irish Reflexologists Institute Limited (MIRI) – which is accredited by VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare, Aviva and GLO Health for reflexology treatment. Therefore clients who have a policy with any of these Health Insurers may be eligible for a refund for some of their Reflexology costs depending on their level of cover. Please note this applies only to clients from the Republic of Ireland

As well as regular reflexology our reflexologist also specialises in Fertility Reflexology

  • Reflexology/Fertility Reflexology/Stress and Anxiety Reflexolgy First Consultation and Treatment (1 hour 10 mins) €70

    – on the first visit, our reflexology practitioner will conduct a full personal consultation. This will take into consideration your past and present health and lifestyle. The consultation enables the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs. In some instances it may be necessary to gain your doctors permission before treatment can commence. All this will be discussed on a confidential basis

  • Reflexoloxy/Fertility Reflexology/Stress and Anxiety Reflexology Extended Treatment (15 mins) €15

    – if our reflexology practitioner feels appropriate for your benefit your treatment time may be extended

  • Reflexoloxy/Fertility Reflexology/Stress and Anxiety Reflexology Subsequent Visits (45 mins) €45

    – following your first treatment and subsequent ones, any significant findings will be discussed with you. As the effects of reflexology are cumulative, many people find it beneficial to continue with regular treatments